• Q-Tec Switchgear, due to their quality and reliability shall be considered as the most trusted & preferred brand for LV & MV switchgear used in power generation, distribution, control & final consumption.
  • Q-Tec shall be known as the Customer Centric organization, commanding respect in GCC markets.
  • Q-Tec products will play a major role, managing power in Qatar’s biggest industries, high rise buildings, critical infrastructures and in millions of homes.
  • The Q-Tec name shall become a hallmark of quality for contemporaries and customers alike.
  • Q-Tec shall play a pivotal role in imparting a global recognition to “Made in Qatar” brand through their reliable and respected range of distribution equipments.


  • To create a place where employees will love to work, are empowered and provided with unlimited opportunities to excel. At Q-Tec everybody can challenge the status quo.
  • To continuously enhance our core technologies, develop new world class technologies and products to expand our offerings to customers.
  • To consolidate and strengthen our position as Qatar’s largest manufacturer of switchgears.
  • To earn a healthy return on investment for the shareholders.
  • To experience, the sheer joy of delighting our internal and external customers everyday and to relish our constructive contribution in Qatar’s infrastructure boom.
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