Low Voltage - Intelligent Motor Control Centre

Q-Tec Switchgear offers Intelligent Motor Control with distinct motor control advantage. By combining the advanced, system-wide communication capabilities of Integrated Architecture with Intelligent Motor Control devices, you can implement a single solution plant-wide that helps you control, communicate and protect assets.

Premier Integration helps to seamlessly and cost-effectively integrate control, visualization and information technologies. This allows you to reuse engineering designs and practices to cut development time and cost, respond more quickly to market demands and reduce maintenance and downtime.

  • Ensure the power supply as well as control and protection of electric motor and loads
  • Integrate perfectly through intelligent and communicating architectures which are open to all industrial networks
  • Covers all continuous and electrical process requirements
  • Right function and the right choice of operational modes
  • Optimum performance in terms of protection, measurements, connectivity and communication architectures
  • Safety of persons and assets, maintainability and upgradeability. Control is achieved via a
    microprocessor based system
  • Network technology is used to replace hardwiring
  • Enhanced diagnostic or protective functionality, allowing the user to:
  • Monitor the status of all the motors
  • Monitor key voltages and currents
  • Ensure that the plant operates correctly and efficiently
  • Analyze operational problems
  • Contactors, Starters and Disconnect Switches (Low Voltage)
  • Soft Starters (Low Voltage)
  • Motor Control Centers (Low Voltage)
  • AC Drives (Low Voltage)
  • Motor Control (Medium Voltage)
  • Safety Isolation Systems
  • Safety Motor Control
  • Safety Drives
  • Software integration with field instruments and modules.
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