Low Voltage - Feeder Pillar with Fuse Switch Unit / MCCB

Q-Tec Switchgear offers Feeder Pillars with or without protection fuses in incomer and outgoing. We specialize in design and manufacture of Feeder Pillars with protection in incomer and outgoing and more specifically, a very compact in construction feeder pillar.

Feeder Pillars are used for trouble free operation of LV Power Distribution Systems. These consist of fully enclosed switchgear in a vandal, weather proof GI metallic housing with powder coated finish in shades as per customer specifications.

The Feeder Pillar have required number of Strip Fuse Strips Ways/Fuse Switch Ways / Fuse Carriers fixed vertically in a free standing weather proof metallic enclosure, complete with Cable Termination, Gland and Earthing Arrangement.

The Feeder Pillars are completely assembled, wired and tested ready for Installation and comply with the requirements of IEC Standards.

  • Free Standing  of ratings 400A to 2500A with various outgoing  feeder options
  • Flange Connected of ratings 1000A to 2500A  with various outgoing  feeder options
  • Standards: IEC 61439-1 & 5
  • Rated Voltage: 3 Phase - 440V AC 50/60 Hz.
  • Rated Current: 400A to 2500A
  • Short Circuit Protection:  up to 50kA for 1 Sec.
  • Switching: Fuse Ways / Fuse Switch Ways / MCCB
  • Outgoing Ways: 6 / 8  Ways
  • Enclosure: 2/ 3 mm Sheet GI Steel - Enclosed Type up to IP56, Form 2/ Form 1 free standing, floor mounted
  • Cooling: Natural Cooled.
  • Incomer Switchgear type – MCCB/ SFU/ FSU.
  • Outgoing Switchgear type – MCCB/ SFU/ FSU.
  • Assured fault make, load break switching capability independent of the skill or speed of the operator
  • Fully interlocked fuseway with switching mechanism ensures safe operation
  • Cable terminations at the base of fuseway accept cables up to 1 x 4C 300mm2 per circuit up to 630A
  • Simple ‘Plug-on’ fuseway design allows for easy addition of new circuits whilst reducing initial capital cost of the assembly
  • Test probe access through front of fuse carrier
  • Three ratings of outgoing fuseway from 400A, 630A and 800A
  • Easy interchangeability of components
  • Available in 400A and 600A ratings
  • 8 segmented phase termination modules on a common one-piece
  • Through grip shielded fuse handles on all fuse carriers
  • Conforms to IEC 60947-3, IEC 60439-1, IEC 60529 standards
Designed by blosssoms, Pune, India