Low Voltage - Power Factor Correction Panels

Q-Tec Switchgear offers wide range of Automatic Power Factor Control panels requires to be designed with precision engineering calculations to obtain the maximum power factor (PF) compensation.

  • Rated Voltage : 415/440/500/525/600/690 Volts
    Rating      : From 50KVAR – 700 KVAR (Higher rating possible as optional)
    Incomer          : MCCB/ACB/Fuse Switch
    Protection       : HRC Fuse/MCCB
    Cable Entry    : Top/Bottom
    Capacitors      : APP
  • Designed with concept of modularity which allows upgrading of KVAR rating when required
  • Ability to maintain a constant high power factor & Harmonics control
  • Suitable for both balanced and unbalanced load
  • Leading brands of MCCB's, MCB's, Capacitors & APFC relays for reliable and trouble free operations.
  • Well-designed powder coated panel box with cooling fans for dissipation of heat.
  • Advanced microprocessor based relay used to ensure real time power factor correction in the
  • Improves Power quality by minimizing Harmonic current
  • Equipped with suitable protection relays as required
  • Contactors are provided with insertion resisters
  • Type of construction – Up to Form 3B, free standing, floor/ wall mounted, compartmental/ cubicle design.
  • Degree of protection – IP 41, Higher possible as optional.
  • Busbar short circuits withstand capacity –35 kA for 3 seconds duration. Wiring standard – Copper flexible cables run in PVC troughs, neatly bunched and dressed, terminated with tinned copper lugs.
  • APFC controller – 8/ 12 stage, Programmable, Electronic based controller.
  • Compliant to IEC standards 61439-1/61439-2/61439-3/ IEC 60931

Designed by blosssoms, Pune, India