Medium Voltage

Medium Voltage - 11kv VCB Panel

Q-Tec Switchgear W.L.L. manufactures of one of the safest and cost- effective 11KV VCB Panels that complies with International quality standard and suitable for various applications. There is reliable after sales service provided by the company that saves installation cost, cost of equipment storage and field testing.

  • Encapsulated Design
  • Horizontal draw-out and isolation
  • Positive racking mechanism
  • Sealed-for-life vacuum interrupters
  • Easy retro fitting with cassette system
  • Suitable for Capacitor Switching
  • Fully type tested as per IEC62271-100,62271-1
  • Stored energy operating mechanism with anti-pumping device supplied as standard
  • Simple customization with a complete range of accessories
  • 10,000 operations without maintenance & Electrical endurance E2
  • Short Circuit capacity 31.5kA for 3 secs.
  • Internal Arc withstand 31.5KA for 1 sec
  • Site extensible on both directions
  • Front and rear access, Top access for busbar
  • Ease maintenance : LSC2B-PM
  • Degree of Protection IP4X
  • Intercompartment IP3X
  • Compact dimensions
  • Floor rolling & cassette type options
  • Ambient suitable for 50 °C
  • Integrated and fully rated Earth Switch
  • VT drawout and fixed option available
  • CB can be operated in test or service position only
  • Earth switch operation from front.
  • Independent rated CB’s fully interchangeable
  • Interlocks to prevent intersection/with drawl of closed CB
  • Circuit-breaker racking in and racking out with the door closed
  • Fully Typetested as per IEC62271-200, & IEC 62271-1
Designed by blosssoms, Pune, India