Work Culture

Q-Tec considers its employees as assets and are trained for exceptional performances

Ownership: Empower employee. Owning the responsibility to validate his performance ensures top-of-the-line quality contributing in success for the team and the organization by always exceeding the goals.
Communication: Employees are encouraged to provide complete, accurate, and up-to-date information to our clients, and co-workers ensuring transparency every moment for a better output.
Customer Centric: Q-Tec employee understands and anticipates customers needs and constantly focuses on delivering products and services with highest reliability and on or before committed time.
Innovation: We encourage the learning of new skills, thoughtful risk taking, and prudent receptiveness to the changes and new environments.
Respect: Q-Tec employees always value team contributions, respect the dignity of all & think positively in all situations.
Teamwork: At Q-Tec, we believe, ‘Together we can and we will’. Success and resulting growth depends on the teams success and every Q-Tec employee strives to respect organizations objective first delighting clients and suppliers alike in the process.

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