Low Voltage - J Type and DIN Type Feeder Pillar

Q-Tec Switchgear .  offers street light feeder pillars in both "J" Type and DIN type fuse design.

Feeder Pillars are used for trouble free operation of LV Power Distribution Systems. These consist of fully enclosed switchgear in a vandal, weather proof GI metallic housing with powder coated finish in shades as per customer specifications.

Based on customer requirement the outgoing number of ways can be defined and provided.

The Feeder Pillars are completely assembled, wired and tested ready for Installation and comply with the requirements of IEC Standards.

  • System voltage – 3 phase 4 wire 415V/240 Vac systems with earthing
  • Type of construction – Form 2/ Form 1, free standing, floor mounted cubicle design
  • Degree of protection – Up to IP 43
  • Busbar short circuits withstand capacity  upto 44 kA for 1 second
  • Incomer type – up to 2500A, single phase disconnector switch
  • Outgoing type – up to 630A, 6 ways, J type Fuse units & DIN type fuse switch
  • Application : Street Lighting
  • Available in Standalone up to 6 ways outgoing.
  • Cable terminations at the base of fuse way accept cables up to 1 x 4C 300mm2 per circuit up to 630A & for Incomer upto 800Sq.mm cables (2 nos per phase)
  • Simple ‘Plug-on’ fuse way design allows for easy addition of new circuits whilst reducing initial capital cost of the assembly
  • Forms of internal separation Form 2
  • Easy interchangeability of components
  • Available in 400A and 630A ratings
  • Easy access to bottom cable termination
  • Compact, modular design
  • Ambient temperature up to 50 °C
  • Cable entry possible from bottom
  • Conforms to IEC 61947-3, IEC 61439-1, IEC 60529 standards
Designed by blosssoms, Pune, India